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International Exhibition for Renewable Energy in Vietnam (29/11/2011)

The first time , an Expo dedicated to renewable energy will bring international organizations in Vietnam (Vietnam ENEREXPO 2010) with the theme "Renewable Energy Solutions and distributed, under the support support the government of Federal Republic of Germany on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.



Although electricity, wind start to the world from 25 years ago but only for nearly 10 years ago lal it asserts the new position on the energy market when world output growth of wind power in a Vocational speed categories with 28% a year, the highest of all sources of energy available.In Vietnam, the region can develop and still not cover all the wind on the entire territory. With the influence of the monsoon the wind is different.

The drying equipment seafood with solar energy(29/11/2011)

Solar energy source is endless, never runs out and energy are far superior sach.In remote past, people have the most kinds of energy for this production and activities such as heating and for the animals, using glass effects to the trees on cold weather (green house) and dried seafood farm ... However, do not have the technology and equipment of the reasonable performance should use this energy is too low, the product after drying does not guarantee quality desired, especially export.

Save energy for building(29/11/2011)

World today is standing in front of the challenges of scarce raw materials, especially fossil fuels, where oil prices are climbing rapidly February, threatening a crisis of global energy.


Construction of energy efficient at high energy prices (29/11/2011)

Many experts in the construction industry that the use of waste energy and resources in construction work in Vietnam since the year after the cause.


New solution saves energy for the ventilation system and regulate the air in factories(29/11/2011)

Currently, people in the factory usually use the system to control traffic through van Bypass. Although this system meet the current requirements, but waste energy by the consumption capacity of the engine only reduce a fraction. Employment lost the Tổn van hao on this proposal for a potential energy savings are very large.


Energy savings in design and construction of high-rise commercial and Vietnam(29/11/2011)

Energy savings in design and construction of high-rise commercial and Vietnam Items of discussion GS.TS.KTS. Nguyễn Hữu Dũng Faculty of Urban Management - University of Architecture in Hanoi Workshop "Use of energy, resources saving and efficient construction" in 4 / 2008


Solutions for SAVING ENERGY & GREEN ENVIRONMENT in Building Design(29/11/2011)

On 26/10/2007, Seas Consultants held a ceremony to celebrate 5 years established company with the introduction "solutions save energy & ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION IN GREEN BUILDING DESIGN" at Kim Do Hotel , 133 Nguyen Hue, District 1, HCMC


Providing solutions to save energy & environmental design green building.

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