M&E Engineer (Supervision)

Wednesday, 04/12/2013, 03:45 GMT+7

 M&E Site Manager in Thai Lan for 2 or 3 years

Job description:

-       Take responsibilities as M&E Site Manager in Thai Lan for 2 or 3 years ( 3 days off every 2 months).

-       Check construction drawings of M&E for industrial projects.

-       Consult and Supervise Constructors for installing M&E system of industrial projects, Quality Assurance,execution progress and working safety of contractors at site.

-       Make records of design documents during the period of construction.

-       Do the other works within the qualifications required by Manager.

+ Requirements:

-       Graduate from University

-       5-year experiences at least in construction supervision of M&E

-       Worked as site manager for industrial projects before.

-       Use Autocard skillfully

-       Work independently

-       Communicate and Write English fluently

Ø  Negotiable salary, professional and friendly working environment as well as opportunities for learning and promotion.

Pls Contact with Ms. Anh Thu


Written : hoaithuong


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