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Green action plan

Monday, 14/10/2013, 14:53 GMT+7

Application Solutions for Energy Saving and Environment Protection on Business Activities is the leading concern of the enterprise. How to save power consumption? How to reduce emissions? How to increase productivity but reduce operating costs? How to create a green environment for work and life?

 We would like to thank for your trust in SEAS in the past few years. With the core value “Create value for your project”, SEAS continuously efforts to improve the quality of services, brings the application of new technologies into the design. On the 11th anniversary of the establishment, SEAS would like to introduce to you a brochure “GREEN ACTION PLAN” as a grateful message for trusting us in the past few years. This is a collection of experiences on Solutions for EnergySaving and Environment Protection which SEAS has accumulated through business activities, Solutions for practical application during project implementation in the past as well as Solutions for design and project management in the future.

 SEAS do hope to maintain your trust for the next projects so that those new Solutions will be applied to your own project, as well as create the premise for SEAS sfaff to continue researching on further solutions.

 Your success is ours!

Written : hoaithuong


Providing solutions to save energy & environmental design green building.

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