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Tuesday, 29/11/2011, 15:56 GMT+7

Although electricity, wind start to the world from 25 years ago but only for nearly 10 years ago lal it asserts the new position on the energy market when world output growth of wind power in a Vocational speed categories with 28% a year, the highest of all sources of energy available.In Vietnam, the region can develop and still not cover all the wind on the entire territory. With the influence of the monsoon the wind is different.

According to many studies by the World Bank, the territory of Vietnam, two regions rich in potential for developing wind energy is a Son Hai (Ninh Thuan) and sand hills region at 60 - 100 m from the west to Ham Tien Mui Ne (Binh Thuan). This region not only wind speed average large, but also a convenient number of the storm area and less wind trend is stable. In the monsoon months, the rate of wind and thunderstorm up to 98% with an average speed of 6 -7 m / sec, ie, the speed can build the wind power station capacity of 3 to 3.5 MW. both in the area, population less hot dry weather, severe, and the ethnic region particularly difficult in Vietnam. In addition, regions outside the island off as Bach Long Vi, Phu Quy island, Changsha ... the location with the wind speed average high-potential wind energy, can build new power stations and wind large capacity to provide electric energy to residents on the island. However, according to Dr. Le Contacts Contact Center floor research new energy, University Faculty immediate Hanoi, although there are many advantages as mentioned above, but we need to note some specific points of the wind energy to develop and it is most effective. Points Nhược largest wind energy is dependent on weather conditions and the wind. So when designing and need to research all sá details of the wind, as well as the type of wind without the lines confused (not that play host to the festival). Due to these reasons that depend on environmental conditions as above, but wind energy increasingly popular and important but not a source of home energy.

      One noteworthy addition is the ability of wind power station will cause noise pollution in the operation, as well as disrupted the natural landscape and may affect the signal of radio waves if the weak technical factors, not interested in properly. Therefore, when the construction of wind power need to calculate the distance of the residential areas, tourism areas are not to impact negatively

       Assess current status of technology and wind energy in Vietnam, Dr. Le Contacts Contact Ling said that the wind energy in our country has not developed, only new phase in research applications. Only some areas have good wind potential to apply the engine wind capacity and average lon.Ben Moreover, some of the obstacles for future development such as wind power are no policies and purchasing power of the wind; investment costs higher than the dynamo tradition is not so attractive to investors still lack the services and financial ability to borrow money from banks for development wind power, lack of knowledge and technical ability to demonstrate wind power projects as well as technical and basic services after installation. In addition, we also have not enough awareness of technology, cost, operation and not enough on the data to have the master plan ...

      According to statistics, the wind potential of Vietnam (over 65 meters high) are spectacular, reaching estimated 513,360 m / w, greater than 200 times the capacity of the factory Son La hydro power and more than 10 times the total capacity predicted by electricity into 2020 contrite. However, this is only theoretical potential, the potential can be exploited and the potential economic and technical will be much smaller. But this is a source of energy potential substantially, can exploit the additional power for the country, replacing the energy sources fossil increasingly exhausted.

                                                                 Tuyet Mai (Dan Tri Magazine)

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